I was referred to Jeff at Streamline Chiropractic. I went in with a complaint of my neck and upper back. This chiropractic care was completely different than anything I've had. It was very focused on the couple of spots that hurt and a lot of individual therapy was done. Jeff wouldn't let me leave his office if anything was still hurting. If I was, he kept manipulating my shoulder/back/neck muscles until I felt 100% better. After my 2nd appointment, Jeff told me not to come back unless I felt the issue was still there -- and the issue still has not returned. At Jeff's office, I didn't feel like I had to keep coming back for the 'cookie-cutter' treatment for a dozen sessions. I have already highly recommended him to my family and friend

       -- Brooke T.

I've had plantar fasciitis for 2 years. Multiple Cortisone Shots only gave me temporary relief. Jeff's expertise in the Graston Technique has given me so much hope to get back to the physical activities I enjoy. I've felt more relief in the last 30-days than I have since this journey began. A super-skilled therapist I highly recommend!

      -- Derek V.O.

I'm a PBR PRCA bullfighter have had a broke neck, ankles, ribs ect.. Jeff has been working on me since 2012 keeping me going down the road. I couldn't do what I do without his great work .

   -- Bracken Gittins

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