Dr Jeff


Dr. Jeff Williams has worked in and enjoyed the medical field for over 22 years. He was born and raised in Blackfoot, Idaho. Following his graduation from high school in 1989 he joined the Military and served as an Army medic throughout Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He then earned his Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) degree and worked as an Assistant Ward Master in the Intensive care and recovery unit at Irwin Army Community Hospital in Fort Riley, Kansas

After serving nearly 8 years in the medical field for the military, he returned to Idaho Falls, Idaho, and while working as an LPN at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC), he attended Ricks College to earn his Registered Nurse (RN) degree. While at EIRMC Jeff began a home health nurse, then transferred to the rehab floor, and eventually to the Intensive care unit. He worked for EIRMC from 1997 until May of 2006 when he moved to Missouri to attend Logan College of Chiropractic. While at Logan College he received a BS degree in human Biology and his Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Williams also earned an award there for Exemplary Performance and Academic Excellence.

He also specialized and has become certified in ART and Graston technique and is also certified in advanced cardiac life support, which he uses from time to time while keeping nursing skills up to par.

  • Family, Fun and Community  

Dr. Jeff is a devout husband, father of five and grandfather of three. As a young child he came to love every kind of sport, especially outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing. He has been an active member of the community, often serving as a Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master in the different places he has lived. You might see him at local events checking people’s spines, shoulders, knees, or any other bones or joints that might be out of place. He is also an active member of his local church and throughout his various travels he enjoys helping whenever and wherever he can to assist others. Doctor Williams on the weekends can be seen at rodeos from the high school level to PRCA rodeos. He enjoys helping cowboys and cowgirls work through injuries and help them in their travels. 

Many people do not realize that back, neck, hip and other pains can often be caused by the condition of their feet. That is why here at Streamline Chiropractic, we are proud to offer Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics. Rather than generic foot inserts, which may or may not give relief, our custom orthotics are molded to you, giving the ultimate in support and comfort. Give us a call or drop by and we will be happy to answer questions about what a pair of custom foot orthotics could do for you.

Gina Moore


I love being able to help people to move more freely and with less pain and stiffness. I keep my rates atthe lower end of the median in order to make massage more affordable for everyone. Whether peopleare in pain or not, I have been able to see how massage benefits my clients in areas other than justphysical gain. Increased restful sleep, mental clarity, emotional balance, and decreased depression are afew things that have been reported to me as a result of massage therapy.


When I am not working, I am a busy mom to my daughter who is active in the Idaho Youth CivicSymphony, The National Honor’s Society, and High School Orchestra. I do volunteer work for the ShrinerHospital and Burn Centers, sing, and write in my spare time. I also have a fur baby that takes up much ofmy time and helps “keep it real” at home. He is the nosiest neighbor on the planet, but definitely awonderful addition to my daughter’s and my life.t me. It's easy.

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for three years. I graduated from The College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital with a 3.98 GPA. I am certified in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy with training in Reflexology, Acupressure, Spa Massage, Sports Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, and Myo-facial Release.

I became a massage therapist after researching the cost of chiropractic education and shuddering at thecost. I figured that massage therapy was the next best thing. I was wrong in that assessment… it is theBEST thing! It also allows me to aid in chiropractic longevity, and as a team member in painmanagement, by working alongside Dr. Jeff Williams.